Our Team

Madana Mohan

Madana Mohan, besides holding a Certificate in Training and Development (UK) possesses a master’s degree in Education. He is a veteran with more than 40 years’ experience in the aviation industry. Currently he is working as an independent training consultant in Customer Service, providing soft skills training to numerous service-oriented companies.

He commenced his working career as Flight Attendant in1971 with the then MSA (Malaysia Singapore Airlines). With the split of the airline into two entities, he opted to serve MAS. Commencing his flying career as an online crew, he moved up the ranks to eventually to become an Inflight Supervisor (Cabin Manager). With this vast experience gained as a crew he was absorbed into the management team as a Training Executive / Inflight Auditor. This post required him not only to train cabin crew from all levels but to conduct routine inflight appraisals and performance of the crew.

The invaluable ‘hands on experiences’ gained in customer handling as a flight crew had contributed immensely to his ability to impart, relate, and share the real-life experience and situation of customer handling with his participants. Being a firm believer that any form of learning should be fun and engaging, he would ensure and encourage proactiveness from his participants in all their training sessions. A learner focused person and possessing good sense of empathy, he endeavors to bring out the best from his participants. His multi linguistic ability in English, Malay, Tamil and some basic Japanese and Mandarin contributed greatly to connect effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Upon his retirement from MAS, he was selected to be a part of the team to set up the Cabin Crew Training section in Etihad Airlines, Abu Dhabi (UAE). He spent three years there in laying the groundwork in the setting of the cabin crew department. Upon completion of his contract, he left Etihad to join Jet Airways (Mumbai, India) as a Trainer and Inflight Performance Auditor.

As a Trainer / Facilitator, he has conducted numerous courses in soft skills dealing with Customers and Conversational / Business English with a number of organizations like Etihad Airways, (Abu Dhabi, UAE), Jet Airways (Mumbai, India), SEGI University, SPAD (Land Public Transport Commission), Edu fly Training Academy, ICYM ( International College Yayasan Melaka), Aptech Global Learning Solutions, KLIA Professional & Management College, Sepang just to name a few.